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Petra Rigby, Celebrant in Cheshire

Hi, I'm Petra!

I am an independent heart-led celebrant based in Altrincham, Cheshire. I conduct ceremonies in Cheshire, Greater Manchester, Merseyside, Lancashire and Staffordshire. I’d love to tell you a little more about me so you can see that I am the right person for your ceremony…

As a celebrant, I aim to help families embrace both the storms and sunshine of life through my heart-led ceremonies.

Our lives are underpinned with love when beginning a life, bonding with another life or saying goodbye at the end of a life. And I so enjoy learning about the surprising and inspiring stories of people’s lives and experiences.

My own life experience gives me the calm, reassuring and resilient nature required to be a celebrant, whilst also instilling in me the wonder and joy of the storyteller when creating bespoke and personal ceremonies that reflect your personal beliefs and values.

My values are all centred around LOVE – honesty, trust, integrity, fun, freedom and family!

More about me: Training & Experience

Before launching Blossom Tree Ceremonies I had an exciting and varied 32-year career in television production at the BBC. I loved working on classic TV series, such as Howards’ Way and Last of the Summer Wine, but most of all I loved working on ancient history documentaries (and even had the privilege of travelling to the “End of the World” in Ushuaia, Argentina to film ancient indigenous South American ceremonies!)

I was initially inspired to become a celebrant when I volunteered to write and present the eulogy for my Uncle John, who was quite sad and troubled at the end of his life. It was when my mum and I were going through his belongings that I began to discover so much more of his fascinating life story than I thought I already knew. It was at that moment, I knew we had to do our very best to celebrate his life and all his passions.

I found the whole creative process of putting together his eulogy very healing, and the response I received from friends and family was so positive and inspiring. So I went on to train as a celebrant with Heart-Led Ceremonies, which gave me the freedom and opportunity to realise my true creative potential.

As a heart-led celebrant and a storyteller, my aim is to open your mind to the endless creative possibilities of beginning, bonding and bereavement ceremonies that reflect your beliefs and values. I love being a celebrant!

Feeling more curious…see what I’ve been up to recently on INSTAGRAM: @blossom_tree_ceremonies

Just get in touch to say Hi! and have a chat on 07845 990809 or email: petra@blossomtreeceremonies.co.uk
Petra Rigby, BBC - About Me
Petra Rigby - Blossom Tree Ceremonies - About Me

Why Blossom Tree Ceremonies?

I named my celebrant business Blossom Tree Ceremonies because blossom trees – particularly cherry blossoms – hold a very special place in my heart and are symbolic of so many things in life. To me, blossom embodies all aspects of our lives – birth, love, death and renewal.

In my service as a Heart-Led Celebrant:

I will work closely with you to design, create and officiate your ceremony.

I will create a sacred space where you, together with your family and friends, can pause, reflect, laugh and cry.

I will listen and learn, then create ceremonies based on LOVE.

Much like the blossom tree, my aim as a celebrant is to bring HOPE, HAPPINESS and HEALING.

Toddler holding hands with parents walking in through grass

inspired in a new life

There is so much hope for the future when welcoming a new child into your family. Each new life is unique and magical and a NAMING CEREMONY is such a unique and magical way to celebrate this new life. Our name is part of the foundation of our identity and bestowing your specially chosen name on your child is a lifelong gift of love.

Wedding ceremony blossom tree


of falling in love

The joy and happiness of falling in love feels like a gift from the universe. Finding that deep connection with another human being and celebrating your commitment to each other with family and friends with a WEDDING CEREMONY helps to spread this happiness.

Funeral script and pen


from loss and grief

The death of a loved one can bring such despair and an overwhelming sense of loss. A FAREWELL CEREMONY that reflects the essence of your loved one, that can make you laugh and cry and celebrate their life, their values, their quirky habits and silly sayings, can help with acceptance and be part of the healing for you and your family.

Ready to get started?

Whichever type of ceremony you're planning and whichever stage you're at, I would love to hear from you!